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astitvam foundation

अस्तित्वम् तत् सत्।

It is written in Manusmriti “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah”, which means “Dharma protects the one who protects Dharma”.


Spreading Awareness regarding Gradual Vanishing of Rare Cultural Rituals, Ancient Water Resources, Traditional Style Houses & Tibari Carving Art.


A Movement to Revive The Traditional Resources, Rituals & Arrangements

As the civilization begun, new cultures and traditions were born. Each civilization brought with it a number of innovative and scientific arrangements that helped improve their lifestyle. The universe is changing every moment, although we get to see those changes over many decades or centuries. Some systems which were useful in the last centuries aren’t useful today and the systems which are important today may not be beneficial in the coming centuries. Many scientific systems/ arrangements are still such that they have been enriching the masses for the past centuries. There are many examples of the mechanical systems like the printing press, electric light, steam engine, compass, and telescope etc. there are a lot of traditional methods that have fallen into neglect with a rapid modernization, but lot of the methods are still in use as efficient as modern techniques. Some of the traditional methods for water conservation are Taanka (a rainwater harvesting system) in the deserts, Johad (a mini check dam or a percolation pond) in the north regions, Naula (a harvesting system that collects surface water) in Uttarakhand hills, and Kuhl (a water channel that harvest water from streams) in Himalayan regions. Like water there are a lot of elements and resources need to be preserved. Now-a-days, people are fully capable and feel proud of themselves by securing their prosperous traditional values.

Project “Secure Traditions” is about spreading awareness regarding gradual vanishing of rare Cultural rituals, Ancient water resources, Traditional style houses, Tibari woodworking, and stone carving art. Through this project the social activists of Astitvam Foundation are motivating villagers by educating them about the conservation of traditional values. The hilly areas of Uttarakhand are covered with the ancient water resources, which the Team AF is working on to save them from extinction over time. The traditional houses, which were abandoned due to rapid migration in the last few decades, are being protected by Astitvam Reformers for the last several years. Work is being done for the conservation of the traditionally constructed Baakhlis (a type of linear colonies that was built in the last century) in the Uttarakhand state of India by Team AF. A wood carving art Tibari, which is used in the construction of traditional building frames, is being promoted to the national level through online platforms. AF is talking to the youngsters about preserving their culture which includes the customs, arts, ideas, values, lifestyles, languages, and institutions of their community.

There are many ways to Secure Traditions, Cultures, Beliefs and Values. Few of them are like, organize or attend the cultural events, learn and speak the language your ancestors, promote your cultural art and music, associate with the people who knows your customs, try to wear your traditional outfits on special occasions, and etc.

Count You in #SecureTraditions


Astitvam Foundation is functioning for Healthy Environment, Creative Education, Reviving Traditions and Reforming Universe. Astitvam isn’t pushing anyone towards any kind of revolutionary movement; but the group is inspiring everyone to “BE THE REVOLUTION”

If you would love to be, kindly join us.

astitvam foundation