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astitvam foundation

अस्तित्वम् तत् सत्।

It is written in Manusmriti “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah”, which means “Truth protects the one who protects Truth”.



“Greatest things happen when all the members of a group take on roles that highlight their Experience of Life, Positive Skills & the Revolutionary Vision.”


DYK that What's going around you. Although we're able to find them in Decades or Centuries; but Day-By-Day we're loosing the Languages, Rituals, Traditions, and Cultures.

In this section you'll find some Facts, Statics and Information related to prosperous culture of Indian states.


ASTITVAM is a compassionate vision which represents the ecstatic theme of supremacy; It was there when nothing was there, and It’ll be there too when nothing will be there. It is a group of people who are trying to reach that supreme element, which is everywhere in everybody. For the past few years, The Founding Members of Astitvam Foundation have been working tirelessly for the Social Upliftment of Bright Youths and Skilled Entrepreneurs in the state of Uttarakhand. Since 2012, The determination and positive vision to create a better Society & Environment was started in 2021 through the registration of the “ASTITVAM FOUNDATION”, a Non-Governmental Organization. The Astitvam Foundation works to promote the Revival of Traditional resources, Creative & Spiritual Education, Reformation of the Abandoned Isht/Deity Dev Temples, Rescue Abandoned Animal families, Women Empowerment, and Healthy Environment.

Volunteer run Non-profit organization, Astitvam Foundation was proudly registered in Uttarakhand state of India; Under Society Registration Act XXI Of 1860 | Astitvam Foundation can be verified through the Registration No. UK06608122021007549

“Reforming ourselves is better than reforming universe.” - Team Astitvam


This universe is changing every moment. In this era, Karuna (Tenderness/Compassion) is the last pillar that remained, according to the Vedic Language of Hinduism Scriptures. Few compassionate initiatives have been taken by Astitvam Foundation, which functions for social reformation through a variety of Non-profit activities.



Maximizing various Revolutionary Activities (Like; Plant Distributions, Creative Education, Cleanliness Drives, Spiritual Awareness, Anti-Drugs and Fitness Motivations Etc.)


Renovating, Re-Construct and Beautifying the Premises and Architecture of Damaged and Abandoned Cave-Udyar Temples, Isht Devta/ Kul Devta and Mythological Temples.


Spreading Awareness regarding revival of gradual Vanishing of Prosperous Cultural Rituals, Ancient Water Resources, Traditional Style Houses and Tibari Wood Carving Art.


Solving the Hunger Issues of Disabled Humans and Abandoned Animals. Trying to provide them Love, Food, Shelter and family. i.e. "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam"
“Success achieved overnight may be forgotten, but the success achieved over a long period of time becomes history.”
- Vivek Chandra Bisht, President, AF


For much noble activities being done on the ground, from time to time, there is always a need for a group of people having the spirit of social service. "Be The Revolution" by working for the social reformation through volunteer-run, non profit organization Astitvam Foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Astitvam Foundation a registered entity?

Yes, Astitvam Foundation is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Central Act, 21 of 1860)

How long has the Astitvam Foundation been functioning?

The founding members of Astitvam Foundation have been continuously working for the Social Upliftment of Bright Youths and Skilled Entrepreneurs in the State of Uttarakhand for the last few years. Since 2012, the determination and positive vision to create a better Society & Environment, was started in 2021 through the registration of “ASTITVAM FOUNDATION”, a Non-Governmental Organization.
The Astitvam Foundation does not force anyone to be a part of any revolutionary movement, but rather encourages everyone to be the revolution.

“Reforming ourselves is better than reforming the universe.” -Astitvam Foundation

What does Astitvam Foundation do?

Astitvam Foundation is functioning for Healthy Environment, Creative Education, Reviving Traditions & Reforming Universe.
Team AF is mainly working in the Uttarakhand state of India through various forms of social activities like cleanliness drives, reviving ancient water resources, securing rare traditions, promoting rich culture, and motivating people regarding their moral responsibilities, etc.

What are the Prime objectives of Astitvam Group?

The list is much longer than our resources, but AF is still trying to cover all the major issues through its social activists, volunteers, and Astitvam Reformers. A few prime objectives are mentioned here.


🔸Providing Creative & Spiritual Education To The Youth. Devloping Their Creative Skills. (Painting, Carving, Handicrafts & Sculpture etc.)
🔸Plantation, Plant Distribution & Plant Conservation For The Environment.
🔸Reforming Water Resources & Conservation of ancient Water Sources.
🔸Animal Serving, Rescue & Feeding.
🔸Working for the Reformation, Re-Construction and Beautification of the damaged and abandoned Temples, through conservation of rock carving art.
🔸Securing Traditional Houses, Ancient Resources, Art Forms & Rich Culture.

What is the source of funding to the AF?

For the past several years, AF has been spending its own capital collected from the core team members of Astitvam Foundation. AF hadn’t gotten any grants from governmental organizations yet for its projects.
Through this website, AF is asking for donations to expand its reforming functionalities. AF never asked for it earlier, i.e., till 2021.

Is anybody can be the Astitvam Reformer?

Anybody can perform various reforming activities by volunteering to AF. Volunteering is not only an activity but also an emotion that always puts one in an ecstatic state by helping and healing someone.
Yes, anyone can be an Astitvam Reformer, but there are a few conditions for being a volunteer for AF.

  • Volunteers must not be involved in any criminal or fraudulent activity.
  • As a volunteer, never sexually abuse or mentally harass another person.
  • A volunteer should never be a short-tempered or mentally disturbed person.
  • Volunteering activities must not be done in any kind of intoxicated condition.


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Alluring Melody of Cultures, Traditions, Rituals, Structures and Legislations.

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