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astitvam foundation

अस्तित्वम् तत् सत्।

It is written in Manusmriti “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah”, which means “Dharma protects the one who protects Dharma”.


Maximize the various Revolutionary Activities (Like; Plant Donation, Creative Education, Spiritual Awareness & Health Motivations Etc.) in the society through Social Reformation.


A Mission To Reform The Universal Arrangements

This universe is reforming itself, day by day. This century, this decade, this year and today will not be same as the passed moments. Historical architectures are the greatest examples to impart specific information regarding the functioning of galactic clock. From dawn of the civilization, societies have been witnessing the Social Evolution or Sociocultural Evolution, which is a theory based on cultural and biological evolution that describes how communities and culture change over time. Homo erectus has been converted to Homo sapiens, which is going to be the Homo cyborg in next few decades. According to the developers of emerging technologies, the human enhancement techniques will help humans in becoming more than humans. Basically, technology creators are trying to create tech-armed mechanical humans with greatly enhanced abilities, to improve mental and physical capacities and characteristics of humans. This kind of social evolution in a specific direction is the prime cause to partial vanishing of the sacred rituals, cultural values, prosperous traditions and rich morals. Social reformation must be there in the society to balance the impact due to Sociocultural Evolution, just like the amendment in constitutional design of any country.

Project “Reform Universe” is about maximizing the Revolutionary Activities (Like; Plant Distribution, Cleanliness Drives, Reverse Migration, Creative Education, Spiritual Awareness and Health Motivations etc) to reform the various factors, elements, arrangements, and models of the community. Through this project Team AF is trying to spread the positive vibes by executing various activities like Cleanliness Drives, Fitness Sessions, Anti-Drug Awareness, Think Vegan, Green Hills and etc. For the past many years, all the members associated with AF are making remarkable contributions in their respective fields. It is because of their unparalleled functionality in various work areas that “Project Reform Universe” has been made possible.

#ReformUniverse derived from a quotation by Astistvam Foundation “Reforming ourselves is better than reforming universe.”

Simply, If you’re not interested in the social reformation, then …

Why would you do plantation or plant distribution? Why would you dump the scattered garbage? Why would you educate somebody who need? Why would you care about the society and environment? And why would you think about any revolutionary act?

But, if you think about any kind of reformative idea that can be a game changer, then you’ve to draw the plan on the documents, for a better execution. If you’re capable to do it by yourself then that is very much appreciated.

Don’t forget that you’ve a team, if you’re not capable to do it alone.

Count You in #ReformUniverse


Astitvam Foundation is functioning for Healthy Environment, Creative Education, Reviving Traditions and Reforming Universe. Astitvam isn’t pushing anyone towards any kind of revolutionary movement; but the group is inspiring everyone to “BE THE REVOLUTION”

If you would love to be, kindly join us.

astitvam foundation